The X-Files Filming Locations

A pair of FBI agents investigate supernatural and extraterrestrial mysteries and uncover government conspiracies.

Part of the X-Files series
The X-Files was filmed in 16 cities across 2 countries.
Vancouver, North Vancouver, Delta, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, West Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Britannia Beach, & Pitt Meadows in Canada and Los Angeles & Piru in the United States of America.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital

Scully calls Mulder from the hospital where she is working to let him know about Tad Tad O'Malley in episode 10x01 “My Struggle”. The agents talk to Sister Mary about the involvement of Augustus Goldman with the hospital in episode 10x02 “Founder's Mutation”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
My Struggle II

Scully and Einstein work to cure the sickness.

My Struggle III

Mulder gets a message from Jeffrey Spender and is followed away by mysterious driver.

Raymon County State Psychiatric Hospital (interior)

Mulder and Scully go inside the hospital to question Billy Miles and Peggy O'Neil and Mulder is able to confirm that Peggy has the bumps on her back in pilot episode.

Excelsis Dei (interior)

Appears in “Excelsis Dei”.

Source: Christina McClellan

Henrico County Jail

Mulder and Scully interview Arkie Seavers with his lawyer present in episode 11x03 “Plus One”.

Erindale Apartments (interior)

Mulder and Scully question the landlord at the apartment building about the mysterious tenants upstairs and then Mulder heads to the basement to search for Scully in episode 11x09 “Nothing Lasts Forever”.

Trashman Hideout (interior)

Scully and Mulder search the dark basement for the Trashman and confront the artist who created it in episode 10x04 “Home Again”.

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Mulder & Scully are summoned by some mysterious government agents to investigate some strange deaths in episode 1x06 “Shadows”.

Franklin Hospital (interior)

Daryl Landry is overseeing the homeless settlement when he follows a sound into an empty wing of the hospital in episode 10x04 “Home Again”.

Beatus Medical Center

Scully sits by her mother in the hospital while she is in a coma in episode 10x04 “Home Again”.

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Appears in “E.B.E.”.

Appears in “Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose”.

Appears in “Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'”.

Appears in “Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'”.

Appears in “Home”.

Appears in “Detour”.

Appears in “Patient X”.

Appears in “The Red and the Black”.

Reclaimed Gravel Pit (LSCR)

Townsend Crash Site

Mulder spies on a military investigation into a crashed U.F.O in episode 1x10 “Fallen Angel”.

Appears in “Teso dos Bichos”.

Appears in “Terma”.

Appears in “Never Again”.

Appears in “Detour”.

Appears in “Patient X”.

Blieberger Farm

Mulder's House

Tad O'Malley arrives to pick Mulder up in his helicopter, and later Scully visits and they discuss the conspiracy in episode 10x01 “My Struggle”. Scully talks to Mulder at his home in episode 10x05 “Babylon”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

The house is attacked by a small team of private military contractors.


Mulder comes home and finds himself beset upon by drones.

Source: X-Files News

Sveta's House

Mulder and Scully arrive at Sveta's house in Tad O'Malley's limo and question her about her abductions in episode 10x01 “My Struggle”.

Source: X-Files News

Vietnam Jungle

A young Skinner is tasked with transporting a mysterious crate during the Vietnam war in episode 11x06 “Kitten”.

Homestead Trail (LSCR)

Appears in “Detour”.

Appears in “Darkness Falls”.

Appears in “Die Hand Die Verletzt”.

Appears in “Our Town”.

Appears in “Oubliette”.

Appears in “731”.

The Fortress Film Center

FBI Parking Garage

Reyes and the Smoking Man approach Skinner with an offer for the cure in exchange for Scully's son in episode 11x01 “My Struggle III”. Reggie approaches Mulder again with new theories but Scully arrives with information on his true history in episode 11x04 “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”.

Government Offices

Reggie works in an assortment of government jobs over the years in episode 11x04 “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”.

The 209

Jeffrey Spender is taking out the trash when someone tries to hit him with their car and get information on Mulder & Scully's son in episode 11x01 “My Struggle III”.

Titanpointe Building

Mulder and Scully infiltrate the building with the simulation servers through the adjacent federal building in episode 11x02 “This”.

1451 Angus Drive

Bosham Estate

A man spontaneously combusts out front of his house in England in episode 1x12 “Fire”.

Ellen's House

Scully attends her godson's birthday party in episode 1x05 “The Jersey Devil”.

Scully's Date

Scully goes on a date with the man she met at her godson's birthday party but it is interrupted by a page from Mulder in episode 1x05 “The Jersey Devil”.

Rob's Office

Rob calls Scully from his office and invites her out on another date in episode 1x05 “The Jersey Devil”.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Cigarette Smoking Man's Mansion

The Cigarette Smoking Man takes a phone call about the Tad O'Malley situation in episode 10x01 “My Struggle”. Mulder confronts the Smoking Man in his mansion in episode 10x06 “My Struggle II”. The Smoking Man talks to Reyes about his plan and Mulder arrives but finds that the Smoking Man has already left in episode 11x01 “My Struggle III”.

North Shore Studios

Town of Eastwood Police Department (interior)

Officer Eggers identifies a local sexual predator while Scully talks to the Chief of Police in episode 11x08 “Familiar”.


Scully tells Mulder that they need to ditch all of their electronics so they cannot be tracked in episode 11x07 “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”.

Luther Staples Center for Reproductive Medicine

Scully talks to the doctor in charge of the clinic where both families went for their IVF in episode 1x11 “Eve”.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Henrico County Psychiatric Hospital

Scully talks to Dr. Babsi Russel about the rash of incidents and takes special interest in one of the patients, Judy Poundstone in episode 11x03 “Plus One”.

Texan Hospital

Miller and Scully arrive at the hospital where Shiraz is being kept alive and discuss how to communicate with him in episode 10x05 “Babylon”.

Georgia Viaduct

Southeast Freeway

Scully works her way through traffic to Mulder and Miller with the cure in episode 10x06 “My Struggle II”. Mulder is heading down the highway when he notices someone following him and speeds up to evade pursuit in episode 11x01 “My Struggle III”.

Robson Square

Meeting Monica Reyes

Scully meets with her old colleague Monica Reyes and learns about the Cigarette Smoking Man's plan in episode 10x06 “My Struggle II”.

Washington D.C. Square

Michelle Generoo approaches Mulder & Scully and gives them the leaked x-rays in episode 1x09 “Space”.

St. John's School

HTG Industrial Technologies (exterior)

The agents watch Lauren Kyte argue with someone who is trying to replace her former bosses's parking space in episode 1x06 “Shadows”.

Sioux City Library (exterior)

A mysterious woman has Mulder and Scully follow her into the local library in episode 1x04 “Conduit”.

BC Place Stadium

Dulles Concorse

Agents Einstein and Miller are waiting at the airport when they are called by Mulder and Scully respectively in episode 10x05 “Babylon”.

Queen of Sidney


Two teenagers search an abandoned ship for the strange creature known as Ghouli and end up attacking one another in episode 11x05 “Ghouli”.

2212 10th Avenue

Sioux City Sheriff's Department (exterior)

Scully tries to convince Mulder that antagonizing the local police isn't in their best interest when he finds a note on their car in episode 1x04 “Conduit”.

4676 Decourcy Court

Van De Kamp House

Scully has a sleeping vision in a strange house and during their investigation she and Mulder identify it as the home of Jackson Van De Kamp in episode 11x05 “Ghouli”.

Tilbury Husky Centre

Tennessee Gas Station

Mulder follows a series of strange lottery winnings to a remote service station where William won some money before hitching a ride with a trucker in episode 11x10 “My Struggle IV”.